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If you're looking for hard-to-find, obsolete, or bulk electronic parts you can now search the database offered by Express Technology Group. They have over 65 million electronic parts available such as transistors, resistors, diodes, capacitors, relays, integrated circuits, and a whole lot more.

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Global Leader

Express Technology Group has 15 plus years of combined experience in the technology industry and has become a global leader in electronic parts supply chain solutions. They will ensure that the parts you order and receive will always be of the highest quality and arrive in a timely manner.

Major Industries

Some of the industries that rely on Express Technology Group for some of their electronic parts requirements are the automotive industries, industrial equipment manufacturers, defense industry, medical equipment manufacturers, and many more technology-driven companies.

Top Brands

All the top brands are available for your electronic parts needs including Littlefuse, Powerex, Toshiba, International Rectifier, Rohm Semiconductor, Panasonic, 3M, Texas Instruments, Omron Electronics, TE Connectivity, Molex Connector Corp, and dozens more.

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Contact Express Technology Group today to check on part compatibility, request a quote for pricing and availability of an item, or to request more information about other available services. Make them your source for wholesale resistors, transistors, componants, and other electronic parts. There experienced representatives are ready to help.